14. Will Authors Go Extinct?

18 Oct

Who would have thought the extinction of real Authors, this is an eye opening podcast very informative. This follows suit of shopping at the small business owners establishments. It will be a very sad day when books are being cranked out by a program other than a real person, I will certainly do my best to support real Authors and not a machine fed book.

Finn McSpool’s Book-Shopping-Rabble-Rousing Outing

6 Jan

I tell you, Mr Finn sure is full of himself–leader of the red suit gang now?? He is always having quite the adventures when he is out and about..Cute story

Tammie Painter

What happens when you try to take a monster on a nice outing to shop for some new reading material at Portland’s Powells Books? It turns into him being declared leader of a very, VERY strange mob.

It all started out innocently enough. Through my library’s summer reading program I’d won a gift card for Powells, which is basically Portland’s book mecca and a book addict’s dream. Since Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I never made our usual excursion downtown before Christmas, we decided to make a day of it on New Year’s Eve.

Once downtown we realized you simply can’t shop for books on an empty stomach so we hiked a couple miles over to Northwest for a treat. The bakery we intended to go to was wall-to-wall people – I think a few guests were having to sit in the ovens and display cases – so…

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Finn McSpool: Paddle Boarding Beastie

9 Sep

I tell you Mr Finn sure has the life!! Fun, fun, fun

Tammie Painter

Yes, Finn has donned a new identity as a Paddle Boarding Beastie and has been walking around the house humming tunes from the Surfaris and using phrases like “Hang Ten, Dude.” Even though Finn has clearly mistaken stand-up paddle boarding for surfing (a big no-no), he still wanted to show off his recent watery adventure with the Blogosphere.

But first, there’s the trouble of getting Finn out of bed.

Wakey wakey!

To fit in some time on the water before Mr. Husband has to go to work requires getting up at a horribly early time. Finn was confused since he usually only sees these numbers on the stove clock when they mean PM, not AM.

Are you kidding me?!

Finn and I could get up a little later, but then there would be no time to dose up on caffeine before heading out. And really, you don’t want to get…

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7 Ways to Help a Writer Without Spending a Dime

25 Jul

Tammie Painter

As you may know from my posts over the past couple months, I’ve been working hard to create publicity lists for my upcoming release of The Trials of Hercules. This is a daunting process of finding contact information for hundreds of reviewers, libraries, PR sites, book clubs and the like; and even more daunting to think I’m going to have to contact all these people and places over the next few months.

This got me thinking of the ever-present need for writers (self-published or traditionally published) to get their name out to the world. And the idea that’s it’s tough to do it all on your own and how it would be great to have help from someone other than a profit-eating publicist (don’t get me wrong, they do great work, just not work that fits into most writers’ budgets).

Now, of course, the most wonderful way you can…

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